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Professional Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor,Handheld Pulse Oximeter

PET100 Professional Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor. Support 50 groups of users, each group stores 200 data, continuous monitoring can retain 1000 data. Easy operation and carry, lightweight suitable for animal hypertension screening and BP measurement in the examination room, trauma, and anesthesia.

Product Description


1.4.3 inch IPS touchscreen
2.Support 50 IDs for different animals
3.Support App software, measure with mobile phone or tablet and save data.
4.Reliable veterinary BP technology with patent.
5.Wider measurement range, anti-sport performance, High measuring accuracy.
6.Standard veterinary blood pressure cuffs in various sizes.
7.Transmission: USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
8.Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery.

professional veterinary blood pressure monitor,handheld pulse oximeter 3

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range:

SYS 40-270mmHg
MEAN 20-230mmHg
DIA 10-210mmHg
Pulse Rate 40-240BPM
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