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Veterinary B/W Portable Ultrasound Scanner

N50Vet full Digital Laptop Ultrasound System, with the best-in-class combination of performance and ergonomic design, excellent image quality with auto measurement meets the requirements of different applications, helping you to enhance your diagnostic confidence. High definition 15-inch full-screen design will provide you with a new operation experience.

Product Description

Main Features

1.15 inches LCD zone for large image size, with high quality.
2.Probe Interface: Dual probe interface, with automatic identification function.
3.ARM platform, fast computing, HD imaging.
4.Abundant probe sets, suitable for different parts.
5.Battery Capacity: Independent battery compartment /removable lithium battery/5200mAh.
6.Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operation.
7.Support multi-language switching.
8.Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback, pause playback can be used for image preservation and measurement.
9.Measurement: Professional measurement software.
10.Host size: 360mm (L)×355mm(W)×65mm(H)

veterinary b/w portable ultrasound scanner 5veterinary b/w portable ultrasound scanner 2

Probes suitable for different parts

Application: Middle and small animals, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, uterus, and other tissues and organs inspection and diagnosis of lesions. Pregnancy test and measurement of backfat thickness in large animals such as cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs.

veterinary b/w portable ultrasound scanner 3veterinary b/w portable ultrasound scanner 4

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