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What’s the Important Factor When Choose an Automated Hematology Analyzer?


Complete blood cell counts and quantitative analysis of blood cells is common diagnostic tests which occurs in labs, hospital and clinics.

Many veterinarians use blood cell tests (Hematology result) to diagnosis and monitor anemia or check the symptoms of inflammation, infection, cancers such as leukemia and many other diseases.

Blood tests become more and more important to diagnostic plan for ill patients and for basic testing for healthy patients, choose the right instrument is very important.

Why choose automated hematology analyzer?

When need do a blood test, veterinarians could send the samples to a lab or use specialist doing the qualitative/differential analysis. If the veterinarian needs an answer to treat the illness right away, and the worried pet owner want to have the solution as soon as possible, then need a right, fast and reliable solution—automated hematology analyzer. The veterinarian expands their specific professional skills, on the other hand it can have higher percentage of profits if run at own lab, clinics and hospital.

What should be considered when choose an automated hematology analyzer for veterinarian?

Brand reference
If the veterinarian and their team already have good experience with one brand, it is save time to learn some know and it easy to negotiate everything.

The cost of the analyzer and costs per test of reagent should be considered.

How fast can get the test result? How many tests it can run in one hour? How much volume blood is needed to run one test? What’s parameter can be tested? And how about result page which information can be contain?

Is the instrument easy and simple to use? Has the company who sell the instrument provide training?

– Warranty and maintenance

If the instrument has problem how fast an issued unit can be repaired. Also, the routine maintenance cost is need to know.