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Dynamic Dr Imaging Study Against Covid-19


The outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019
In practice, the first chest x-ray and/or CT scan is performed during screening and diagnosis of suspected cases, together with nucleic acid, for the confirmation of COVID-19. And during the whole process of treatment, chest x-ray, CT, or fluoroscopy is performed frequently for patient curing status check and confirmation, especially the lung condition and the into and out airflow for effective self-breathing.

And when patients are recovered, for pre-discharge assessment, nucleic acid should be tested negative twice with supporting imaging proof of chests-ray, CT. During the whole process, the new Dynamic DR can be of great help.

Dynamic DR can have an overall view. CT scan is very good in the details and precision, however, it is impossible to get an overall view of the lung status. Dynamic DR has a 17×17 inches fluoroscopy view, much larger than a traditional fluoroscopy machine and big enough to cover the whole lung area for clinic study.

Dynamic DR can have a dynamic observation. Since both general digital radiography and CT can only study a certain static moment of a lesion, dynamic DR has a big advantage by its dynamic observation like comprehensive evaluation of organ function movement.

For example, by dynamic observation of the dynamic change of breathing, it can be judged whether the diaphragm function is weak or other problems, which provides a more direct basis for image judgment for clinical treatment. For patients during COVID-19 rehabilitation, dynamic DR can more comprehensively and effectively assess the rehabilitation of patients’ lung motor function by observing the dynamic process of lung breathing and changes in intrapulmonary ventilation.

Dynamic DR can have real-time swift between dynamic observation and static image capture, spot film. Dynamic DR uses one dynamic detector for both radiography and fluoroscopy and swift between radiography and fluoroscopy less than one second. This means doctors can have a dynamic observation of lung status first and then capture an image exactly as doctors want.

Dynamic DR is the developed technology and improved digital radiography system, by its advantages, it can help to improve the accuracy of X-ray inspection. With the help of technology, more with the joint effects of all healthcare workers and those supporting them, we will win this fight and make COVID-19 history!

Salute to all the healthcare workers. Who are considered to be the frontline soldiers that sacrifice their health and wellbeing to care for the sick and fight COVID-19?

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