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Clinical Analyzers for Animals, Biochemistry Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer and Ultrasound Scanners


Clinical veterinary analyzers cover wide range of product that can help doctors to diagnosis certain disease for animals, which will help for study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems. These products cover hematology, biochemistry, patient monitor, ultrasound scanner and X-ray.

Along with the technology development, now automated product let the accuracy and fast result possible.

For the good choice of clinical analyzers for animals, particular needs and cost-benefit ratio need to be considered.

Hematology analyzer
Hematology analyzer performs a qualitative and quantitative analysis of red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes) in the blood of animals.
The result reflects the number or proportion in the individual type, as well as the presence of cellular abnormalities of morphological origin or the presence of pathological cells. It serves as an indicator of anemia, infectious diseases, coagulation problems, among others in animals. Normally the methods of counting and identification of blood cells: electrical impedance, optical detection, and flow cytometry.

Biochemistry analyzer
Biochemistry analyzers are used to analyze the metabolites present in biological samples such as blood, urine and other fluids of animals. The result of analysis of these fluids indicates many diseases. Commonly there are several analytical methods of measurement. Mainly two classifications:
Optical Method
• Colorimetry: it is the most common method. The sample is mixed with the appropriate reagent to produce a reaction that results in a color. The concentration of the analyte is proportional to the intensity of the color obtained.
• Photometry: Light with a suitable wavelength is projected onto the sample, and a photodetector, located on the other side of the sample, measures the amount of light absorbed. It is directly related to the concentration of the analyte in the sample.
Electrochemical Method
Through direct potentiometry where ion selective electrodes (ISE) are used for the determination of ions in samples and also the use of indirect potentiometry.

Benefits provided by veterinary analyzers
• Accuracy and reproducibility.
• Obtaining different parameters in a single analyzer, thus allowing a more comprehensive diagnosis of the veterinary patient.
• Considerable reduction in analysis time and the amount of sample used for it.

Ultrasound Scanner
Ultrasound Scanner provide a huge value and bring portable diagnostic ultrasound imaging within reach of every veterinary professional. We offer high-end digital Portable Ultrasounds to meet the specific needs of your veterinary practice.

Mainly for two classifications
• Black/White or Color
• Hand-held wireless

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